What is Affiliate Marketing? How to join Affiliate Programs?

What is Affiliate Marketing? How to join Affiliate Programs?

After reading this article, you will clear all your doubts regarding “What Affiliate Marketing Programs is all about?”.

In this article, We will cover

  • What is an Affiliate Marketing?
  • How does affiliate marketing programs work?
  • How to Become An Affiliate?
  • What are the things required to get started?
  • Which are the best affiliate marketing programs Available in India?
  • Affiliate marketing programs for beginners

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a type of Performance-based program that is run by companies who offers commission on their products or services. When you refer those products or services to others via a unique URL You get the commission. This commission varies from 0.1% to 15% or even more depending on what product or services you are promoting.

Affiliate Marketing is performance-based, which means partners just get paid when their promotional efforts actually result in a sell.

Affiliate Marketing programs Involve Three different kind of parties: The Publisher, The customer and the Merchant.

Best Affiliate Marketing programs In India

The Publisher: Publishers are the one who promotes the product and services. The publisher can promote one or more affiliate products to generate the commission on the basis of sales He/She generates. These Products or Service can be promoted via a website/blog or on a Social Networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…etc.

The Customers: The customers are the one who buys the product. Customers play the key role Without customers the whole affiliate ecosystem will fail and no revenue will be shared with the publisher.

The Merchant: The Merchant is the one who runs a Business or sells products and services. When a customer purchases a product or services from the link shared by the publishers the merchant pays the commissions to the publishers.

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How Does affiliate marketing programs work?

The merchant provides a special tracking Id known as Affiliate Id to the publisher. Using this Id the publisher generates unique URL and share those URL to their subscribers or no a Website/blog or on social networks or via Email. When the consumer ( customer) goes through any of those links and buys a product or service, the Publisher gets paid.

How to Become An Affiliate?

How to Become An Affiliate

To become an affiliate, you have to signup for the Affiliate Programs of your desired niche. There are many companies that are nothing but repositories of digital and physical products for affiliate marketing. Sign up for one, discover the items that best match you, generate your unique affiliate URL and start sharing.

What are the things required to get started?

Basically, To become an Affiliate program member it doesn’t require anything. All you have to do is to signup for the program and start promoting them.

But to make most out of it You should have a big audience base.

Here “Audience base” Means:

A website/ blog where you get lots of traffic or If you have an Email database, You can share Your promotional links via Email.

You can also promote the products on Youtube If you have a youtube channel.

Having subscribers or Followers on Social networking sits will also help you to make most out of it. E.g: You have a big Facebook group relate to any categories, you can share the products on that group related to the same categories. However, You can also share any products with that group. Its all upon you, What tactics You apply to generate more sell.

Note: You may need Tax information to be filled depending on the country and a bank account needed to receive payments.

Which are the best affiliate marketing programs Available in India?

Affiliate marketing is a big industry and especially in India affiliate marketing is growing very fast. There is a wide range of Affiliate programs available in India.

Here is the list of some best Affiliate programs available in India.

  • Flipkart – E-commerce Store
  • Amazon – E-commerce Store
  • A2 Hosting – Domain and Hosting
  • Hostgator – Domain and Hosting
  • Godaddy – Domin and Hosting
  • Paytmmall – E-commerce website
  • Tata Cliq – E-commerce store

Best Affiliate marketing programs for beginners

Beginners can start with Flipkart or Amazon individually or even both. Both are the most popular e-commerce website in India and they offer huge commission up to 12% depending on products.

We hope this article would have helped you to know more about Affiliate Marketing. If you still have any question, please share it in the comments below.

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