Should I Choose Top – Level Domain Or Country Specific Domain?

Should I Choose Top – Level Domain Or Country Specific Domain?

Choosing a domain is a very important step and it can be crucial to your business in terms of ranking your website in Google.

If your business name or brand is already established then it is recommended that you try and secure that domain name, or as close to it as you can.

Alternatively, try using a ‘keyword’ rich domain name, meaning that the domain name is a match to what people are searching for within Google.

However, the domain name must match the product that you are selling.

For example, if you sell fishing rods, ideally you would like the phrase fishing rods in the domain name. This will help with the Google rankings and also give potential visitors to your website an immediate idea about what your business and website are all about. It will be very difficult to find the exact domain name you want –, for example, would have gone a long time ago, therefore you would look to include another phrase in the domain such as your name or area e.g. or You can use Google’s own keyword research tool to see what the most common search terms are, and try to get a domain with a phrase that people are already looking for.

Despite several new domain extensions being introduced (TLD’s), the .com is still the best type of domain to try and get, followed by a .org or .net domain. Generally speaking, .org domain names are associated with organizations or authorities so you may not think this is appropriate to your business and may want to go for a .net if the .com is not available.

Country Specific (ccTLD) is a domain name that indicates that content is related to a specific country. For example, the “.ca” domain is for Canada, and the “.us” site is for United States.

So what Should I Choose

It totally depends on your business and targeted audience. If your business is specific to a country, You can choose a Country-level domain.

And if your business is spreaded all over the globle (Internationally) then you should definitely go with top level domains.

How To Register A Domain

To register a domain we recommend that you use, who is one of, if not the biggest domain registration company around. Their service is of the highest quality and, more importantly, their prices are the lowest available. The user interface makes it easy to search for any available name; so head over to GoDaddy now to search for your perfect domain.

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