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7 Best Ways to Make Money From WordPress Blog

Tons of people are using WordPress for sake of making money through it.

As their WordPress blog become popular, they will start getting suitable traffic to their blog/website they can easily implement any of the money-making strategies on their WordPress Website.

7 Best Ways to Make Money from WordPress Blog are :

  • Pay Per Click
  • Affiliating Marketing
  • Sponsor Post
  • Sell Advertisement Space
  • Promoting service
  • Prompt Your Own Product Or Service
  • Sale Your Blog

Pay Per Click (Advertising Program):

The most powerful and popular service used to get income to earn money with WordPress blog is advertising programs (PPC). Google AdSense is a top advertising service for Pay per Click. You will find many advertising programs online for making money on WordPress.

An advertising company gives you an advertisement code to put on your site. When anyone visits your blog then the visitor will see the ad on your WordPress blog. You will get money when the ad is clicked by any visitor. Your money will add up into your company account and you can withdraw your money. You will get pay according to pay per click rate (0.2$ to 10$ or more per click).

Some Popular advertising Pay per Click Program:

You can easily find advertising plugins online to put ad code on your WordPress blog to show ads.

Affiliate Marketing:

You have to join an affiliated program of products selling website and you have to sell their product. When you sell a product successfully then you will get the commission on that product from the selling company. You can sell their product by showing their products on your blog. When visitors click on a product can purchase your product then you will certainly commission. Product may be a digital or physical product like E-books, mobile, etc. Affiliated marketing is also a well-known way to make money with WordPress. The biggest affiliating marketing website is Amazon.

The best way to do Affiliate marketing is to create a niche blog. You will get visitors related and interested in your blog niche. Now put affiliated products on your blog. In this way, you will able to increase your sales.

Selling Advertisement Space

Selling advertisement space is another way to make money with your WordPress blog. You will get a flat rate for this kind of income but your income will not increase in the normal situation. Plus point is that you have to no worry about any visitor click or sale on that advertisement. Free WordPress plugins to make available active space for advertisement.

Selling Links

If you have great numbers of visitors and your website got a high rank then other low-rank websites will want to get a backlink or your visitors on your website. This is a chance for the low-rank website to increase rank on search engines by backlinking. You can charge money for every link.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Post related to the blog topic. All product manufacturers and service providers want to put good reviews online for an increase in sales. You can charge a handsome from the client who wants to put his review on your site. You can charge the amount according to your visitors. You will also get a commission after-sale through your affiliated link. Technologies and traveling blogs get more sponsored posts. You can get easily a new product review.

Prompt Your Own Product Or Service

If you are awsome in the blogging business and your blog gained wonderful popularity with regular visitors you can make your own product or service for selling purposes like E-book, WordPress plugin, SEO service, template, theme, or any other service or product. You can make your own brand name if you get success. By this, you can make money with WordPress

Sell Your Website

Another profitable business is to make a successful blog with good repute, ranked, and attract traffic. Your blog also shows good report and have a good niche you can sell your blog. It will help you for selling your blog that your blog earns some amount of money currently.

If you want to sell a blog for other people then make a Blog with the following qualities

  • Chose a trendy niche
  • Put Quality Content and SEO Oriented
  • Make it popular
  • Make attractive traffic
  • Make good reputation


We have talked about the 7 best ways of making money with a WordPress blog. But before that, You need to create a Website and get traffic on it and choose the way of making money through it.

You know there are endless ways to make money from a blog. We will discuss some more on another articles.

If you know some other good and reliable ways to make money then you can share them in the comments below.

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